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offshore protection
Offshore Protection Solutions
Custom Offshore Plans For Your Business & Wealth
Offshore Protect
International Diversification Strategies
International Diversification Strategies
Ensure your future with a Plan B
International Diversification Strategies
International Diversification Strategies
Offshore Wealth Protection
Bulletproof Your Business & Assets
International Diversification Strategies
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The Offshore Protection Advantage

offshore company formation

Company Formation

Form an offshore structure for your business for the offshore opportunities 


offshore bank accounts

Asset Protection

Diversify & protect your assets offshore in a stable jurisdiction to secure your future


buy a second pasport

Second Passport

Ensure your freedom with a second citizenship giving you global possibilities


Find The Best Offshore Jurisdiction For You

offshore jurisdictions

Why You Need an Offshore Plan

  • Jurisdictions are Continuously Evolving their Corporate Tax Regulations

  • New Global Tax Laws have Reshaped the Offshore Industry through CRS & FATCA

  • There are Always New & Dynamic Offshore Solutions for Your Unique Situation

  • Having Offshore Legal Advice Ensures a Smooth Offshore Transition Process

What is Your Offshore Plan?

The Offshore Solution

 offshore solution

High Corporate Tax Environment » Low Tax Offshore Jurisdiction

Economic and Political Uncertainty » Offshore Wealth Diversification

Non-Diversified Investments & Assets » Multiple Currency Offshore Accounts 

Exposure to Lawsuits and Creditors » Multi-Jurisdictional Formation Structure

Minimal Financial Privacy & Security » Offshore Asset Protection Vehicles


Why Choose Us?



Years of Experience

Form an Offshore Plan

Offshore Protection offers customized tailor-made offshore legal strategies for your business, finances and residence to help you secure and grow your wealth. We give you the tools you need to reduce your tax bill, protect your assets and become global citizens.

Offshore Business Planning

1. Business Planning

Go global with an offshore company, IBC, LLC, private foundation and imagine your business offshore

Offshore Financial Planning

2. Financial Planning

Protect yourself using an offshore account, trust, brokerage or investment structure and secure your assets

Citizenship Planning

3. Citizenship Planning

Get the most from where you live with citizenship planning, tax residency & a second passport to design your life

What our Clients Say

  • "Offshore Protection created a perfect offshore strategy that allowed me to transition my business, assets and life offshore."

    Benjamin R. (U.K.)
  • "I was able to move both my company and accounts to an offshore jurisdiction using their offshore plan. Like clockwork."

    Tomas F. (Thailand)
  • "Moved my eCommerce business and moved to a low tax country and now I am reaping the fruits! Perfection."

    Tanya A. (Australia)
  • "There are 1000 reasons why I needed to go offshore, the only regret was that I didnt do it sooner."

    Tina S. (Belgium)
  • "As a proud owner of a second passport, a fully tax-free business and several accounts around the world. I can finally say that I have my plan B covered, thanks in large part to the team at Offshore Protection!"

    Maxwell T. (Canada)

Offshore Protection

Your Offshore Legal Experts

offshore tax haven countries

Providing Customised Multi-Jurisdictional Offshore Company Formations and Personalised Offshore Legal Services Since 1996.

 What We Offer

  • Offshore Legal Service Provider

  • Providing a full range of offshore, investment and banking solutions

  • Tailor-Made Corporate Solutions

  • Made specifically for your unique life situation

  • Specialised Financial Services

  • Offering the latest licences, accounts and companies around the world.

  • Offshore Market Expertise

  • Providing in-depth analysis and up-to-date insider knowledge

Everyone's Financial Situation is Unique 

That's why we specialize in providing customized tax-efficient corporate structuring, multi-jurisdictional offshore strategies and offshore legal services tailored to your needs.

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