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General Ordering Procedure

How to Order

  1. Send us a request using:
    • Our Contact Us form
    • Email
    • Skype
    • Skype Message
    • Phone, during our normal business hours of 15:00 to 24:00 (GMT)
  2. Tell us what you are interested in ordering and let us know if you have any questions.
  3. We will respond with any answers and provide you with an appropriate secure online form to complete.
  4. The form will be submitted along with appropriate documentation (passport, proof of address if required, as well as any other forms required ie. Gov ID, bank statements, professional or bank reference etc...)
  5. We will then send you an invoice, along with the appropriate payment instructions based on your payment choice, and ask you to confirm payment. If paying by credit card there will be an authorization form to complete, sign and fax back. 

Offshore Company Formation Document Process

  1. Once we have confirmed your payment we will start the offshore company formation process and send you, by email, any account opening forms (if applicable) that you may need to complete and sign, depending on the nature of your order.

    In most cases, additional due diligence documents will need to be gathered, depending on the type of account being opened. These, along with the completed and executed documents, will need to be sent by you to the appropriate office address that you will be instructed to use for this purpose.

    Please only use private couriers service for this.

  2. When the offshore company formation process(es) has/have been completed, we will notify you by email, ask you to reconfirm your shipping address and your preferred courier delivery method (if any).

  3. Company documents are shipped directly or you can instruct us to hold the original documents in our office for security purposes and we can send you scanned copies of everything.

  4. Upon receipt of any account paperwork from you, we will complete any remaining parts on our end as needed and provide whatever additional certified formation documents that may be required to finalize the account opening package and make it ready to be forwarded over to whatever institution that is going to be opening the account.

We accept the following payment methods 

  • Wire TransferBitcoin accepted here
  • MoneyGram
  • Bitcoin
  • International Money Order /
    USD Ordinary Check / Cashier’s Chequepayments forms accepted
    • Our banks take four weeks to clear all cheques and money orders, regardless of whether they are certified or not.
  • Visa or MasterCard (add 5% to cover our bank fees)
    • Special Terms & Conditions for Credit Card Transactions
      Card transactions are non-cancelable once entered into since we incur an immediate cost in paying the required government fees for the entities to be formed. 

      Refunds may be available on a pro-rata basis for any portion of a total payment, that was for certain ancillary business or legal services that have yet to be fulfilled by us. Such examples of these would include bank account openings, business license, virtual office services and immigration fees, where we have yet to make payments to any providers or other third parties pursuant to these.

      Our goal is always to create a win-win relationship with our clients and so wherever possible we will try and go the extra mile to please.

      Your card will be charged once we have received back our credit card billing invoice completed with your card, address and passport details and signed by you, along with a copy of your passport or other government ID and proof of your home address (utility bill, voter registration card etc.) as required for our government-mandated KYC and AML compliance. Your card billing will be in USD posted under the name of our marketing company

    • Privacy Policy
      When doing business with us you are protected under client-attorney privilege as well as subject to the business and banking privacy laws of Panama where we are physically domiciled. We do not share any information about our clients to any third parties whether private or public for any reason.

    • Credit Card Refund Policy
      In general credit card transactions are non-refundable once engaged in, since incurs non-recoverable legal and filing costs once company formation services have been initiated.

      However, if we should be unable to provide any of the services itemized on the invoice, a partial or pro-rated credit will be offered if a satisfactory alternative solution cannot be found.

      A typical example might be if a bank turns down an account application that we have facilitated, in which case we would either offer a suitable alternative or apply a credit towards future company annual fees and/or other required corporate services.

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