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Our Editorial Guidelines

Our Process

We are dedicated to delivering content that is not only trustworthy but accessible for anyone looking for offshore legal and tax advice. We are committed to a strong editorial process so that anyone, no matter their background, can access and get answers to their questions regardless of their economic or political situation.

Our editorial process relies on reviewing and fact-checking every article, delivering up-to-date and factually backed information that provides the most comprehensive insights into the offshore industry.

Building & Sustaining Confidence

In the offshore legal and tax industry, we aim to provide the latest strategies grounded in factual evidence.

Our approach is to provide diverse perspectives without concluding, allowing you to make up your own mind. Our aim is to be a supportive resource, offering guidance to anyone looking to move their business and assets offshore.

Our Content Approach

Our goal is to maintain impartiality and present information in a manner that is based on actionable research.

To achieve this, we have:

  • Contributors who are experts in their field. They have been in this business for years and have published their thoughts on a variety of topics in the industry.
  • Legal information that is fact-checked and scrutinized for accuracy. We have a network of legal and offshore professionals, all with diverse expertise from various sectors. Our reviewers contribute their research and professional experience to ensure you get the most out of their approach.
  • Ongoing updates on all news and articles about legal and tax information, which is always changing. Our team is supported by professional fact-checkers, legal, and tax professionals who stay up-to-date with the latest offshore news.
  • Content review before publication. Our team examines all content to confirm it aligns with strict editorial standards for clarity, accuracy, and sensitivity.

Ongoing Content Management

To ensure the highest level of accuracy, we maintain a process of ongoing review and scrutiny of our material. We track advancements in legal and tax codes and make sure to incorporate them into the content we publish.

Our editorial team is dedicated to the dynamic landscape of the offshore industry. We make sure that the content goes through several phases of examination:

  • Creation: This is the beginning of the process.
  • Reviewed: Reflects our reassessment of the material.
  • Fact-Checked: Assigned to fact-checkers for validation.
  • Update Date: All content is made to reflect the most relevant and accurate information available.

Efforts to continually revamp and reassess content occur through several structured endeavors:

  • Periodic Content Audits: Assessments aimed at updating terminology and aligning with evolving trends.
  • Yearly Evaluation: An annual review of content aligns with the current standing and criteria.
  • Daily Updates: The news team's continuous monitoring for significant developments to provide immediate updates.
  • Responsive Adjustments: Prompt adaptation of content based on reader input to clarify concerns about inaccuracies or ambiguities.

These practices underscore our commitment to delivering up-to-date, precise, and beneficial information to readers.

Editorial Standards

We hope that through this process we maintain a rigorous editorial policy so that readers can get the most out of what we write about.

We have four pillars to this approach:

  • Our Commitment: We prioritize making sure that our information reflects changes in the industry.
  • Our Standards: Our promise is to deliver precise, pertinent, and easily accessible information.
  • Continuous Improvement: We are dedicated to enhancing our work and welcome your feedback.
  • Engagement: Should you find any concerns about content accuracy or currency, inform us on the designated feedback page.

For more info see our content moderators