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Offshore Reseller & Partnership Programme: Become an Offshore Protection Affiliate

Our associate programme is designed to develop a long-term professional relationship between Offshore Protection and your company. We are interested in entrepreneurs, professional advisors, professional firms and companies that are interested in marketing the offshore services that are offered by our company.

The offshore service industry is now considered as one of the top ten growth industries in the world so the potential for a mutually profitable relationship is great. The substance of our offer to you is:

  • To provide you and your clients with offshore companies, trusts, bank accounts, offshore brokerage account setup, credit and debit cards, banking/credit union licenses, financial services licenses and other offerings that we may develop in the future.
  • The use of our company name is not part of this agreement. You will use your existing company to market these services or incorporate a new one.
  • We will provide a secure online order form where you can order these services direct from us.
  • Your client deals only with you. We will not contact your clients and there is no need for your client to interact with our site. Therefore free of the need to provide direct support to your client we in turn will provide you with the lowest possible wholesale price for incorporations.
  • You will have direct access to our online support at all times as well as access to telephone support.
  • We will fill your orders for services in a prompt and courteous manner. Your satisfaction and the satisfaction of your customers is our highest priority.

For further information on Offshore Protection reseller programme contact us.