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Best Countries to Open an Offshore Bank Account

What's the best bank account for you?

There are countless countries where you can open an offshore bank account.

While the list of the best places to go offshore will vary depending on who you ask and what is right for you; however, there are several jurisdictions regarded by investors, businesses and offshore providers as some of the best places to open an account.

This is our list of top offshore bank accounts chosen based upon popularity, reputation, and ease of conducting business.

Top 5 Offshore Banking Jurisdictions

1. Cayman Islands

cayman islands flag 

The Cayman Islands is one of the world's most recognizable offshore banking destinations. It is home to most of the world's hedge funds capturing nearly 30% of the market, drawing many fortune 500 companies and over 2 trillion in assets.

The Islands are consistently ranked among the best offshore financial centres in the world and with it well-known financial institutions, fund managers and investment banks.

Offshore Banking Advantages & Drawbacks


  • Good credibility, a stable financial system and amazing tax breaks for investment accounts
  • There are no taxes on capital gains, property or payroll taxes as well as no exchange controls 
  • Accounts are allowed to hold many different types of currencies
  • Minimum financial regulations
  • Many offshore investing options 
  • Over 200 banks on the islands
  • 40 of the worlds top 50 banks have a presence on the islands
  • No reserve requirements
  • Some of the worlds best finance companies, accounting firms, investment banks
  • Strong confidentiality clauses 
    • However recent regulations have forced Cayman Islands banks to disclose client information to respective government if there is suspicion of tax evasion, however, information is not open to public


  • Account opening is not easy
  • Often a Cayman IBC is required


2. Singapore

singapore flag button

Singapore is arguably the best offshore banking jurisdictions in Asia and ranks well on numerous indexes for one of the best places to conduct business to the relaxed business environment.

It is consistently one of the best offshore financial centres in the world, is a prestigious and well-regarded banking system and has supportive financial and business regulations.

Offshore Banking Advantages & Drawbacks


  • Great reputation
  • Financial center of Asia
  • One of the strongest banking system in the world
  • Have a range of financial and investment opportunities
  • Highly stable political and economic environment
  • World-class banking and financial facilities
  • One of the best please to do business 
  • Rated as one of the worlds best places to start a bunnies
  • Offers a variety of wealth management services such as access to mutual and hedge funds, and brokerage accounts 
  • Highly qualified personal
  • Home to some of the safest banks in the world such as UOB, OCBC, and DBS


  • You often need a Singapore IBC
  • Much harder for non-residents to open an account
  • Need to prove business interests and business plan
  • In-person account opening requirements
  • Only accepts accounts with large deposits


3. Nevis

Nevis flag

Nevis is one of the world's best jurisdictions for asset protection and offshore formation. Its offshore financial services has some of the strictest and strongest confidentiality clauses in the world.

Nevis does not have the same reputation for its offshore banking facilities as the Cayman Islands but does offer much of the same benefits. Corporate

Despite all the changes in global transparency laws in the last few years, Nevis has been one of the last jurisdictions that have fought against changing in corporate laws.

Its offshore asset protection clauses are world-renowned and has one of the strongest set of company and financial regulations in the world. 

Offshore Banking Advantages & Drawbacks


  • Well established offshore formation industries
  • High confidentiality
  • Great asset protection laws
  • Low costs
  • Stable political and financial system
  • No in-person requirements for account opening
  • Has many offshore financial and formation products
  • Offer citizenship by investment opportunities
  • Government strongly supports offshore financial sector


  • Higher minimum deposit requirements
  • Does not have the same reputation as places like Singapore or Cayman islands 



Belize flag

Belize has constantly ranked among the best places to open an offshore bank for many years. While this country is often looked down upon, due to its relative ease of acquiring an account it has some unique advantages that still make it one of the top places to bank in. This has largely due to several reasons namely its cost, efficiency and ease of account opening. 

Belize has recently had to change many of its financial and corporate laws due to pressure from the OECD, and rid itself of favorable tax practices nonetheless, it still remains one of the best places to open an account.

Offshore Banking Advantages & Drawbacks


  • One of the cheapest places to set up an account
  • Very little minimum deposit requirements
  • No in-person requirements 
  • Simple registration process
  • Very quick and efficient procedures
  • Well established offshore industry
  • High-interest rates
  • Good offshore protection laws
  • Banks required to have a 24% liquidity ratio
  • Good regulations and financial stability
  • Wide range of financial institutions
  • Currency is pegged to the USD so there will not be drastic currency fluctuations


  • Not the most prestigious of financial centers
  • Recent changes in tax and corporate laws make offshore companies indistinguishable from local companies and so there aren’t the same tax benefits as before



Flag of Panama 256

Panama makes the list as one of the best places to bank offshore due to its well developed financial and banking centres. It is a well-known jurisdiction for international business company formation, and so it is not that surprising that it also ranks as one of the best places in the world to open an offshore bank account.

While this might not be everyone's first choice for offshore banking especially since the last few years the country has had significant changes in its offshore corporate laws. However, despite all the changes it still remains one of the best places to both form an IBC and open an account.

Offshore Banking Advantages & Drawbacks


  • Strong banking secrecy laws
  • Well established banking system
  • Have many American and foreign clients and so are used to foreign clientele 
  • One of the worlds most popular jurisdictions for offshore formation
  • Great possibilities for getting visas, residency and citizenship
  • Well connected international fights
  • Supportive government
  • Stable political and economic environment
  • Leading financial center in Latin America
  • The USD is the official currency
  • No foreign exchange controls
  • Offers several asset protection structures including corporations, private interest foundations and trusts
  • Has a variety of government-sponsored foreign investment incentives


  • You have to go in person to open the account
  • Corporate accounts requirer a Panama IBC
  • Banks are more cautious in accepting clients
  • Need to have a local physical office requirement


The best offshore bank is really dependent upon whats right for you. There are no one size fits all in the offshore banking sector. What is best for you, might not be for the guy next to you. To make sure you find what fits, be sure to get proper advice to ensure you find the best fit.


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