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Nevis Offshore Company

A Nevis offshore company, or International Business Company (IBC) is an extremely flexible jurisdiction for potential individuals and businesses seeking to incorporate offshore. Nevis, together with St. Kitts, is part of the Leeward Islands in the Southern Caribbean; the two islands make up the smallest state in the New World.

Nevis offers a world-class infrastructure for corporate offshore services, as well as appealing retirement and residency incentives in an idyllic tropical location, making it an attractive jurisdiction for offshore businesses. It has the world's second most popular offshore trust, second only to the Cook Islands, due to its asset protection features and corporate legislation.

Nevis has rapidly become one of the most convenient and favoured offshore company locations in the world, through the enactment of the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance Act 1984. Along with the IBC, the Nevis LLCs is also another highly favoured corporation structure. The accommodating and open offshore environment has made Nevis IBCs an exceptional product due to simple offshore regulations and ease of formation procedures.

Nevis, now part of the British Commonwealth (achieving independence from Britain in 1983), offers a stable political environment and a well-educated and English speaking workforce. The country boasts having some of the most secure IBC laws in the world, which ensure client confidentiality and privacy with low financial risk, making Nevis a top destination in the offshore market.

For more information on the Advantages of Nevis as an Offshore Financial Center, click here.

Table of Contents:

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Advantages of a Nevis Offshore Company 

Remote Access

There is no need for you to be on Nevis to conduct the affairs of your IBC. Banking, contract signing, and investing can all be handled remotely and remain in compliance with Nevis law

Flexibility of Ownership and Management Structure

There are no residency requirements for Directors, Shareholders or Officers. Corporate or Trust entities may act as Director, Secretary or Shareholder.

Citizenship and Residential Options 

Nevis offers citizenship opportunities through its Citizenship by Investment Program. Similarly their Citizenship by Residency Program has been in effect since 1984 and claims to have a very high approval rating, the citizenship process taking less than 6 months.

There are no dual-citizenship restrictions and no tax requirements for individuals who decide to take up residence. Both citizenship and residency bring with them generous incentive packages as well as being able to reside in most other Caribbean countries.

Confidentiality and Privacy

The government of Nevis has exhibited a total commitment to maintaining the privacy and protection of those involved in legitimate business practices. Neither Nevis nor St. Kitts have been tainted by reports of money laundering or tax evasion unlike a number of other offshore jurisdictions.

Tax Incentives

A Nevis offshore company is exempt from taxation on income generated anywhere in the world outside of Nevis. There are no income taxes to be paid, nor are there estate, inheritance, gift, duty, or capital gains taxes. Similarly, there are no corporate tax, income tax, withholding tax, stamp tax, asset tax, exchange controls or other fees or taxes are levied in Nevis on assets or income originating outside of Nevis.

Other Advantages Include:
  • Re-domiciliation of other foreign companies into and out of Nevis

  • There are no limitations on corporate ownership.

  • Plaintiffs in adverse suit being brought in Nevis would be required to post a $25,000 bond.

  • Nevis permits sole director IBC's

Top Uses

A Nevis IBC can be made for any legal purpose and for any legal activity. Some of the more popular uses for a Nevis offshore company include, but are not limited to:

  • Estate planning
  • Asset protection and confidentiality
  • Tax reduction planning
  • Holding company
  • Financial management

However, a Nevis IBC is limited from conducting business within Nevis or in the real estate market, as well as in banking, insurance, fund and collective investment sectors.


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Key Corporate Features

Nevis Company Corporate Details
Type of Entity Offshore Exempt Company (NBCO)
Type of Law British Common Law
Governed by Business Corporation Ordinance 1984
Registered Office in Nevis Yes
Shelf company availability Yes
Our time to establish a new company 1-2 Business days
Minimum government fees (excluding taxation) USD $200
Corporate Taxation No
Access to Double Taxation Treaties Yes
Share capital or equivalent  
Standard currency Eastern Caribbean Dollar
(Pegged to the USD 1 = XCD 2.7)
Permitted currencies Any
Minimum paid up USD $1
Usual authorized USD $50,00
Bearer shares allowed Yes
No par value shares allowed Yes
Minimum number Three
Local required No
Publicly accessible records No
Location of meetings Anywhere
Corporate directorship allowed Yes
Minimum number One
Publicly accessible records No
Corporate shareholder allowed Yes
Location of meetings Anywhere
Company Secretary  
Required Yes (Individual or corporate entity)
Local or qualified No
Requirements to prepare Yes
Audit requirements No
Requirements to file accounts No
Publicly accessible accounts No
Recurring Government Costs  
Minimum Annual Tax USD $200
Annual Return Filing Fee No
Requirement to file annual return No
Migration of domicile permitted Yes

Incorporation Packages


  1. Government Registration Fee (First year)
  2. Registered Office Address (First year)
  3. Registered Agent Services (First year)
  4. Company Secretarial Maintenance
  5. Certificate of Incorporation
  6. Memo & Articles of Association
  7. Appointment of 1st Directors
  8. Consent Actions of the BOD
  9. Share Certificates
  10. Register of Directors
  11. Register of Officers
  12. Register of Shareholders
  13. FREE Phone and/or email consultations

How to set up a Company

In order to set up a Nevis company a few documents will be needed:

  1. Register and secure the name of the proposed company
  2. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. Certificate of Incorporation
  4. Appointment of a company director(s)
  5. Registry of members and directors
  6. Share Certificate(s)

Once your company is formed you can open a corporate bank account which will require KYC and AML verification. All of the steps above can be done virtually, except some countries do require physical in-person visits in order to open a bank account. Get in touch to know the details, as this changes regularly. Once all these steps are completed, you will have the incorporation documents sent to your physical address. 

Incorporation Document Requirements

An individual or company who wishes to form a registered company in Nevis must do so through a registered and licensed agent.

There are minimal requirements to formally initiate the Nevis company formation process:

  1. A notarized photocopy of a passport
  2. Notarized addresses details
  3. Proposed name of company 
  4. Amount of share capital 

The next step is file the company’s memorandum and articles of association with the Nevis Registrar, together with a document detailing that a registered agent is agreeing to consent to act in his/her capacity. The registered agent performs a due diligence and having satisfied all the requirements put forth by the Register, it will produce a certificate of incorporation.

NOTE: The registered agent is given the powers to incorporate the offshore company and sign the formation documents on behalf of the client without the need to travel personally to the jurisdiction.

Company Registration Process

In order to register a company, this is what the process will look like:

  • Step 1 Offshore Protection works with you to secure a company name with the Company Registry
  • Step 2 Offshore Protection works with you to get a Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Step 3 Offshore Protection helps you to prepare and file incorporation documents
  • Step 4 Offshore Protection helps to prepare KYC and AML documents needed to open a corporate bank account
  • Step 5 Offshore Protection delivers the certificate of incorporation


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Corporate Bank Account

You can open a corporate bank account in most countries around the world with a Nevis company. We have banking connections in dozens of countries, though the ones we recommend will be dependent on your situation as some banks require in-person visits, higher capital, more due diligence, and references, while others have minimal requirements.

We suggest getting in touch for a consultation as there are many variables that go into finding the best place to open a bank account for your company.

Corporate Taxation

A Nevis offshore company is exempt from taxation on income generated outside of Nevis. Similarly there are:

  • No income taxes
  • No estate taxes
  • No Inheritance taxes
  • No Gift taxes
  • No Duty taxes
  • No Capital gains taxes.
  • No Corporate tax
  • No Income tax
  • No Withholding tax
  • No Stamp tax
  • No Asset tax

All IBC's are free from all forms of Nevisian taxation. There are no Nevisian taxes on dividends or capital distribution or wages. Moreover, unlike many onshore jurisdictions, Nevis does not tax an IBC for accumulated (but undistributed) earnings. The wealth of your IBC can grow continually and will be free from Nevisian tax.

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Corporate Details

Company Shares

A Nevis IBC are allowed barer shares and shares with no par value.

Required Capital

A Nevis IBC has no minimum capital requirement.

Financial Statements Required

A Nevis IBC does not need to file any statements nor are there audit requirements, however a company must keep financial records.


A Nevis IBC must have a minimum of three (3) Directors, none of which need be a local individual. Corporate Directors are allowed.

Company Secretary

A Nevis IBC must appoint a secretary, which can be an individual or a corporate entity, and does not need be qualified or a local resident.


A Nevis IBC requires a minimum of one (1) shareholder.

Trading Restrictions

An IBC cannot do business within Nevis nor conduct business in real estate and must get a license and proper approval to operate as a banking or insurance business.

Language of Legislation and Corporate Documents


Registered Office Required

A registered office must be kept Nevis, though a physical presence is not necessary.

Local Presence


Shelf Companies Available


Time Required to Form Offshore Company

1-2 Business days.

Name Restrictions

Any name that is identical to or similar to an existing company or any name that is deemed undesirable, suggests an illegal activity, or any name that may imply government patronage by the Register.

Language of Name

A Nevis IBC company name may be in any language that uses the Latin alphabet. If the name is in a foreign language the register may request an English translation.

Requiring a Special License or Permission

A Nevis IBC must obtain permission/approval/license if business is engaged in activities related to bank, building society, savings, loans, insurance, assurance, reinsurance, fund management, investment fund, municipal, Chamber of Commerce, or university.


    list of offshore company formation structures_copy.jpg

Permitted Limited Liability Suffixes

Limited, Company, Corporation, Incorporated, Sociedad Anonima or other abbreviations.

Principal Corporate Legislation

The rules and regulations that dictate Nevis offshore company formation and operation are spelled out in The Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance-1984. The Act was updated in 2011 and is currently titled the Nevis Business Corporation Ordinance 2011.

The 1984 Act, Ordinance No. 3 is now referred to as the Principal Ordinance. The latter has been modeled on Delaware corporate statutes and is considered to be one of the most flexible corporate statutes for a tax haven.

Within this ordinance, the regulations are spelled out for the formation of Nevis companies, how the Nevis company registry is maintained and the duties of the office of the Nevis Registrar of Companies.

Re-domiciling Provision

The Nevis corporation law for IBCs allows international portability of companies from their country of origin to Nevis. Known as the 're-domiciling provision'; a corporation in the United States, Great Britain, or any other country can be transferred smoothly and instantaneously to Nevis without any need to change its name or its date of incorporation.

Directors and Shareholder Meetings

Shareholders and directors may act by unanimous consent, without a meeting. Shareholders and directors may issue proxies in writing.


All of the affairs of a Nevisian IBC are private and cannot be disclosed except under truly extraordinary circumstances. The only document that needs to be filed with the government is the annual corporate license and this contains minimal information.

There is no requirement than an annual report or annual financial return be disclosed to the government. Nevis does not require any government inspection of your IBC's financial or business records.


Bearer Shares

Nevisian corporate ownership can remain completely anonymous via the use of bearer shares. Bearer shares can be issued to a nominee who assigns them to the owners and ownership is completely private.

Be aware, however, that Bearer Share Companies, in general, open themselves up to more scrutiny and a strong indication of possible wrongdoing can be assumed if the company in question gets into legal difficulties.

This is why we recommend the Nevis IBC to be set up with registered shares that are owned by the Multiform Foundation. It sends a very strong message to any would be litigant or creditor.

Read our Panama Foundation & IBC Combination article for further information about the bulletproof strategy of utilizing an IBC combined with a Foundation.

Exchange Control

There are no exchange controls in Nevis for offshore companies locating in or investing in the country. An offshore company investing in the Nevis economy is known as an International Business Corporation, or IBC.

Nevis does have exchange controls in place that are applied to the Currency Board Arrangement established within the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, but these controls do not apply to offshore companies.

Annual Government Fee


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Why do businesses register a company in Nevis?

Businesses register a company in Nevis because international corporate structures provide asset protection and tax reduction possibilities that are found only in non-resident legal structures. Nevis offers both a safe and stable jurisdiction with a favorable tax regime for non-resident companies giving companies a business-friendly corporate environment. 

The government and regulatory bodies seek to attract regional and international businesses by providing business-friendly policies to attract investors and entrepreneurs into the country.

How much does it cost to Set up a company?

Nevis company registration costs vary, which is why we do not include them on our website. Prices depend on the legal and corporate services required, as well as secretary, auditing and signatory services which are often needed (though not always) if you are incorporating a non-resident company.

Registration and incorporation fees for 1st-year companies vary anywhere from $1000-5000USD with 2nd-year fees ranging anywhere from $500-2000USD. However, even these figures are not always the case, as all of this depends on the services required, so beware of any service provider that states their fees exactly, as you will be disappointed when that number changes. Get in touch for a price quote.

Can I open a business bank account?

Opening a business bank account is definitely possible and is one of the main reasons why businesses open a foreign corporation in the first place. However, it often can be the most challenging part of any offshore incorporation process because of the requirements and documents needed in order to satisfy Anti Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) laws.

That being said, some jurisdictions are harder than others and we will assist you through the entire process.

Can Offshore Protection create a company for me?

Yes, we can! Offshore Protection has been establishing companies around the world for nearly three decades. We have engaged in client legal and corporate services, including opening companies, offshore trusts, getting financial licenses, and accounts in dozens of countries around the world. Get in touch to find out more.

Nevis Company Incorporation with Offshore Protection

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***Please Note: If you are a resident of a country that is a signatory of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) (or a US citizen) your tax reduction possibilities are limited. Due FATCA, CRS, and CFC laws you may not be able to completely eliminate your taxes without moving your residence. While opening an offshore company can increase privacy and asset protection, your tax obligations remans tied to your ownership of overseas entities. Offshore company's are often not taxed in the country where they are incorporated, rather you as the owner are obligated to pay taxes in the country where you reside. Please make sure you know your tax obligations, as we are not tax advisors. Please seek a local tax professional for help regarding your situation. 

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