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Offshore Account Signatory Services

What are Offshore Account Signatory Services?

Account signatory services refer to third-party professional who are given the authority to sign binding agreements on behalf of an IBC. These types of services are for individuals who are seeking a fail-proof asset protection scheme. By nominating a third-party signatory and remaining absent from the company register as a member, shareholder or beneficiary, you remain at 'arms length' from your offshore company or other offshore tax savings vehicle.

Many people, however, are reluctant to allow a third-party signatories the authority over their accounts, in fear that they will take advantage of their position in any number of ways, such as abscond with ones assets, blackmail or threaten to reveal sensitive information to tax authorities are some that are most commonly held.

Under Panama's business confidentiality laws this type of abuse is a serious offense and is punishable by jail sentences, which itself provides a significant deterrent. Additionally, law firms are regulated and lawyers are required to hold a license, and the risk of losing one's license, livelihood and face jail time is a powerful deterrent.

For a company to qualify as a signatory as an officer or any other position, it is necessary for them to be substantially involved in the business of the company and its operations so that there is total familiarity with the business and its sources of income.

Also, it is important that one is familiar with the 'know your customer' rules that apply when opening a bank account in a privacy-oriented jurisdiction, as these rules are applied even more rigorously for signatory services entities.


Account Signatory Services provide:

  • The maximum asset protection available and with the appointment of a nominee director you truly are at ‘arms length’ from your company, bank or brokerage accounts
  • An extra layer of protection and distance from your assets, so that your official legal capacity is one of ‘behind the scenes advisor’ as you neither own, ‘control’ nor are you named as a beneficiary
  • Increased operational efficiency and an enhanced level of privacy that ensures full confidentiality

Please see International Fiduciary Structure for further information on how we recommend setting up the ultimate 'bullet-proof' fully-managed foundation and company structures.

Why Choose Offshore Protection?


At Offshore Protection law firm, Account Signatory Service is one of our core competencies as is corporate law and administration, which includes the detailed work of executing transactions. Offshore Protection also provides this service for considerably less than what other law firms charge. Our price for this service is only a base annual fee of US$1,000 plus a 0.75% tariff charged once on funds paid into the structure(s) being managed.

We undertake to have your transactions completed just as expediently as if you had transacted them directly with the bank. Online access is granted to any accounts being managed so that you can monitor the status of incoming or outgoing transactions at any time.

As many law firms have a myriad range of client needs to manage and services to provide and see transaction-oriented management services as being a time consuming process, we at Offshore Protection deal exclusively with offshore-related services and thus can expedited services at an unbeatable rate. 

To set up a non-controlled foreign company with Professional Management, including account signatory services click the link below.

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***Please Note: If you are a resident of a country that is a signatory of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) (or a US citizen) your tax reduction possibilities are limited. Due FATCA, CRS, and CFC laws you may not be able to completely eliminate your taxes without moving your residence. While opening an offshore company can increase privacy and asset protection, your tax obligations remans tied to your ownership of overseas entities. Offshore company's are often not taxed in the country where they are incorporated, rather you as the owner are obligated to pay taxes in the country where you reside. Please make sure you know your tax obligations, as we are not tax advisors. Please seek a local tax professional for help regarding your situation. 

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