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Set up an Offshore Self-Directed IRA (LLC)

retire ira
Those looking to take greater control of their IRA and invest their funds in a foreign jurisdiction have two primary options: they can set up an orthodox self-directed IRA with a custodian which permits offshore investing, or they can form an offshore LLC through which to invest their self-directed IRA.  In this article, we...

Which Countries Allow Dual Citizenship?

Countries That Allow Dual Citizenship
In this era of increasing globalisation and international living, more people are seeking to obtain second citizenship to expand their personal freedom and mobility.  In this article, we will take a look at what it actually means to be a ‘dual citizen’, the potential benefits it can offer, and the countries which do and do ...

Piercing the Corporate Veil

Piercing the Corporate Veil
One of the primary beneficial features of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and Corporation is that they both protect the beneficial owners from personal liability for the debts and obligations of the company. In other words, if you are the owner of an LLC, your personal assets should be protected if the company is sued or goes b...

What Are Tax Havens and How Do They Work?

What Are Tax Havens and How Do They Work?
Many developed nations are putting increasing financial pressure on their citizens through higher personal and corporate taxes. The world is becoming more globalised, and a rise in information sharing has resulted in less financial privacy and greater vulnerability of personal assets. As a result, many people have begun expl...

Corporate Structure: What is it and How are they Managed?

Corporate Structure
Corporate structure refers to the fundamental organisation of different departments and business units within a corporate entity. The basic corporate structure of different companies varies greatly depending upon their approach, objectives, and nature of business. Corporate structure can also vary across...

Puerto Rico Tax Incentives - ACT 20 & ACT 22

Puerto Rico Tax Incentives - ACT 20 & ACT 22
The United States is one of the only nations in the world which taxes its citizens on all of their global income, regardless of where they reside and where that income was sourced. This makes it nearly impossible for US citizens to legally escape the grip of exorbitant US taxes without going so far as to renounce their citize...

Holding Company Structure: How Does it Work & How to Start One

Holding Company Structure
Holding companies are effective structural tools which business owners can use to protect their assets and reduce liability risks to their organisation. Holding companies have a number of important functions, such as optimising taxes, lowering investment requirements, minimising costs, and increasing efficiency. In this article,...

Fraudulent Conveyance: Is There a Statute of Limitations?

Fraudulent Conveyance
Table of Contents: What Is Fraudulent Conveyance? Signs of Fraudulent Conveyance Statute of Limitations Is there a Statute of Limitations? Statute Of Limitations In Offshore Jurisdictions Consequences Of Fraudulent Conveyance Conclusion What Is Fraudulent Conveyance? Fraudulent conveyance is defined as an illegal or ...

Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC) Laws

cfc laws
Controlled Foreign Corporation (CFC) is an important term to understand if you own shares in a corporation that is registered on foreign soil. Understanding whether a corporation is considered a CFC by the IRS or your tax authority has important implications in terms of tax, reporting, and ownership requirements. In this article...

Onshore vs Offshore Companies: What's the Difference?

Onshore vs Offshore
One of the key considerations when looking to incorporate a company is whether to form the company in an ‘onshore’ or ‘offshore’ corporate environment. Each country has its own unique financial landscape and with it, its own advantages and disadvantages. Some countries resemble a more traditional corporate environment like Canada...

Differences Between Tax Evasion, Tax Avoidance and Tax Planning

Tax Avoidance
If you own a business, you generally have the right to organize it in a way that ensures you pay no more taxes than necessary. This strategy, known as tax avoidance, involves using legal means to reduce taxes. It is not the same thing as tax evasion, which is the practice of violating your country's laws and paying less than the...

Offshore Gold Storage: Gold Bullion Investment in an Offshor...

Offshore Gold
Gold is one of the few physical assets has consistently increased in value over time. It remains a sound financial strategy for financial diversification as it is reliable and has a degree of trust that non-tangible assets do not have. Putting part of your savings in gold helps mitigate risk and financial uncertainty from...

What are the Pros and Cons of Offshore Tax Havens

Offshore Tax Havens
Table of Contents: What is a Tax Haven? How do Offshore Tax Havens Work? Tax Haven Advantages Tax Haven Disadvantages Who can use Offshore Tax Havens? What is a Tax Haven? Tax regulations vary widely across different jurisdictions. Certain countries are well known for the numerous tax benefits which they offer for thei...

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Act (FEIEA)

Table of Contents: How Can US Citizens Reduce Their Taxes? What Is the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion Act? Who Qualifies for Foreign Earned Income Exclusion? Bona Fide Residence Test Physical Presence Test Special Considerations How Do You Claim Foreign Earned Income Exclusion? Foreign Housing Exclusion Conclusion ...

What are Bearer Shares? Benefits & Risks

Bearer Shares
Table of Contents: What are Bearer Shares? How do Bearer Shares work? What are the Benefits of Bearer Shares? What are the Risks of Bearer Shares? What Is the Difference Between Registered Shares and Bearer Shares Are Bearer Shares Still Available? Final Thoughts The infamous bearer share has long been part of offshor...

What is Store of Value & How to Find the Best Value Out There

Store of Value
To define it simply, a “store of value” is any asset which reliably maintains its value without depreciating over time and can thus be used to transfer purchasing power to the future. Some of the basic requirements for an asset to be deemed a reliable store of value include: There should be sufficient demand for this asset, an...

Tax Obligations of Incorporating an Offshore Company in a Ta...

offshore company tax laws
New Tax Laws and Regulations in the Offshore Company Formation Industry The International financial industry has changed dramatically in the last years since 2010 and will continue to do so. No longer are numbered Swiss Bank Accounts the norm and gone are the days of evading taxes through traditional offshore tax havens or ...

Global Diversification with Flag Theory

flag theory
What is Flag Theory? Flag Theory is an offshore diversification strategy aimed at internationalizing all aspects of your life. It is about creating an offshore plan for business, banking, investments, residency, citizenship, taxes and digital footprint so that you can maximize your freedom while protecting your assets and reduci...

Offshore Financial Survival Strategies

financial strategies
Offshore Financial planning is the initial step in creating a holistic offshore strategy to take to control and protect your assets. An effective management plan ensures an asset protection strategy is implemented effectively given the circumstances and environment which will help protect your assets, reduce your tax burden and d...

Internationalize Your Life with Offshore Diversification

going offshore
Internationalizing isn't a new concept. In fact, it has been around for centuries. People have always sought out different means to increase their freedom of expression whether through lifestyle or business. Today there is more opportunity than ever to harness the power of global markets. Creating a global diversification strat...
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