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Offshore Protection in the Press

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Offshore Protection Reviews Methods To Protect Your Wealth


In times of economic, and political uncertainty environmental events can trigger chaos in markets, financial institutions and establishments that we all trust in for stability. If we depend on these systems for our livelihood we inevitably tie ourselves to the continuity of these systems.

While we do not need to be completely independent from their influence it is possible to reduce the threat that uncertainty brings by being prepared. There are several ways too reduce you dependence upon any institution. Here are several ways to better prepare yourself.



Second Passports and the Right to Travel During Times of Crises


The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world on its head. Entire industries are teetering on the edge of collapse along with most of the worlds global travel economy. Visa services are on hold, planes remain largely idle on runways, and virtually every other form of travel service is either shut or opened at 10% capacity.

Covid has greatly impacted peoples mobility as entire countries have restricted the movement of its citizens and imposed lockdowns with little certainty of what the future travel industry will look like. Most countries around the world have barred non-residents from entering giving travel permission only to a few selective countries. Travelers and businesses men are finding new ways to circumvent travel restrictions and finding second passport solutions to be their ticket to escape.



Offshore Protection: Why Covid-19 May Leave Assets Exposed

Digital Journal

Living in an a time of uncertainty makes future proofing your assets essential. Having a financial plan in place guarantees you will not be left unprepared for what tomorrow might bring. 

Forming an offshore protection strategy is about securing your assets for the future. Today it is easier than ever to secure that future using an overseas account. An offshore bank account gives you privacy, spreads your risk, and diversifying your assets. Offshore Protection provides the offshore strategies you need to survive tomorrow.



Have a Plan B?: The Coronavirus And The Age Of Uncertainty


Living in an a time of great uncertainty makes future proofing your assets essential. Having a Plan B in place guarantees you will not be left unprepared. Forming an offshore plan is about securing your assets. Today it is easier than ever to establish an offshore company, open a foreign account or make an investment overseas. Offshore Protection provides the tools you need to survive tomorrow.

Financial diversification is to ensure all your eggs are not held in the same basket because if the basket drops, you lose all your eggs. The simple solution is to have more than one basket. Financial diversification strategies spread your eggs across several accounts, in different currencies and overseas countries. Having your assets in a separate banking system provides a measure of security that protects against domestic bank failures, currency fluctuation and economic collapse. This offers the most secure financial solution that minimizes the risks of tomorrow.



Is it Illegal to Have an Offshore Bank Account?


Contrary to common perception opening an offshore bank account is perfectly legal. Not only is it legal but nearly 75% of all Fortune 500 companies have bank accounts in foreign offshore jurisdictions.

As long as you abide by the laws regulating the overseas bank as well as laws within your own country of residency there is no problem. The problems only start to come when you are trying to hide assets. That is illegal. Gone are the days of anonymous Swiss numbered bank accounts.

While there still can be various levels of privacy it depends on the laws in both the offshore jurisdiction and the laws in the country where you live. It’s often the illegality of the offshore industry which grabs headlines. Tax evasion, money laundering, international drug dealing headlines sell papers.



The Offshore Tax Haven is Dead. Long Live the Tax Haven


Offshore tax havens are scandalously characterized by the media in their attempt to sell newspapers and capture the public imagination. Glossy pictures of exotic Caribbean getaways, cabana hideouts, Panama hats, and greasy lawyers create the perfect scandalous narrative for magazine headlines.

The Panama Papers and other “leaks” tell tales of brazen tax evasion and illicit-wealth accumulating in offshore accounts held by the worlds rich and powerful.