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Business Solutions

There are a number of business solutions to suit your international needs. Offshore corporate structures offer both asset protection and tax reduction strategies through any number of company formation vehicles, including specialty offshore products such as a shelf company or a fiduciary structure.

Offshore Asset Protection

The heart of any asset protection solution will use different types of corporations, foundations and trusts as a way to insulate the original owner from the assets and make it difficult for a creditor attack your assets. These various types of legal structures separate the different legal entity and separate from an individual. In certain jurisdictions such as Panama, Belize, Nevis and others, laws have been created to enhance the characteristics and features of a corporation to the greatest extent possible (the same also applies to foundations and trusts).

As an example see Panama Corporation for further details on the flexible features of these types of companies, known as International Business Corporations (IBCs), which makes their operation convenient and effortless. So that the entity or entities created do not appear to be an individual’s alter ego, certain minimum standards must be adhered to in the set up of the structure, as well as its operational characteristics. Where applicable this may include the use of nominee directors and third party shareholder solutions that utilize other entities, especially a foundation or a trust.

Reduce Taxes Offshore

The complication starts for most people because they are either a resident in a high tax country and not able to move to a low/no tax country and do not want to renounce their citizenship. At the same time, they wish to set up a business, invest, or engage in another type of financial activity in a tax free jurisdiction using one or more tax-free structures with the use of an offshore bank or brokerage account to assist in that endeavour.

The problem is that most high-tax jurisdictions want to tax you on your worldwide income regardless of where and how it is earned; there are all forms of policies and pieces of legislation in affect that force you to report your ownership interest in foreign companies and structures, for the purpose of not only taxing that income stream, but to tax it on an accrual basis, even before any of it has been repatriated home.

Proper Offshore structuring using either a International Fiduciary structure or combining and pairing different Foundations and Trusts together with an IBC effectively gives you the advantage of reducing your tax burden as the company or Foundation used to hold your assets can be held by a second IBC which gives you the ability of keeping your assets separate from your household or primary revenue stream