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Offshore Shelf Corporations & Ready Made Companies

What is an Offshore Shelf Company?

An offshore shelf company is an International Business Corporation (IBC), Limited Liability Company (LLC) or it could be a Foundation that:

  • Was formed and, in many cases, incorporated some time in the past
  • Has been kept in good standing since its inception
  • Has never been in business (except for the Vintage Swiss Trust Company concept mentioned below)
  • Is ready to be used right away for the first time

A company that was formed a few weeks, months or a year or more ago is sometimes referred to as a 'shelf corporation' or 'aged corporation' or 'ready-made company'; the term comes from the concept of shelving a company and leaving it to mature over time.


Why Choose an Offshore Shelf Company?

Your primary reason for buying a shelf corporation may vary from that of another person, but most clients choose Shelf Corporations because they typically:

  • Save time involved with creating a new corporation
  • Enable you to sign important contracts right away
  • Can be used to attract clients or investors by showing corporate longevity
  • Can be used to quickly protect your assets, when time is of the essence
  • Enable you to bid on lucrative contracts – in some jurisdictions bidding is only open to businesses of a certain age

Because an aged company can be used so effectively to attract clients or investors, a special type of vintage company has been created over the last 15 or 20 years known as the Swiss Trust Company

These vintage shelf companies up to 100 years old have actually been in business at one time but have been resurrected and metamorphosed into a non-bank financial institution that can be used to project authority and credibility in a way no other shelf company can in any other jurisdiction. 


Offshore Ready Made Company Solutions from Offshore-Protection offers a variety of ready-made companies and foundations with incorporation dates going back as far as 2003 for Panama, Nevis, Belize and Seychelles, all ready for immediate delivery.

Price will depend on age, but for recently formed companies starts at only $300 above the regular price for most recently formed entities. Please note that a Panama company or foundation with your desired name choice can be formed within 2 business days via a special expedite service for the same price as a recent shelf Panama company.

Age adds about half the price of a brand new company or foundation for each year of age; this covers the accumulated annual fees that have had to be paid to keep the entity in good standing.

Aged companies are available with:

  • Nominee Director service – Continue to use's existing nominee directors; includes apostilled Power of Attorney and undated signed resignations. This is a recurring annual expense.
  • Shareholder service – Continue to use's existing shareholders and you will be provided with a declaration of trust recognising the beneficial owner. This is a recurring annual expense.
  • Without nominee director and shareholder service – Simply replace nominee directors and shareholders with your own designated persons.
  • NOTE: Aged foundations are only available with nominee council, although arrangements can be made for you to appoint your own council.

Bank account opening facilitations are available and may be:

  • Professionally managed by
  • Managed by a signatory designated by you. The following documents will usually be required for most bank account openings these days:
    • Notarised passport and driver licence or state ID
    • Current home utility bill or local authority tax statement in own name
    • Bank and business/professional reference letter

Order an offshore shelf company from and start using it within days.

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