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Second Passport, Residency & Citizenship

Internationalizing gives individuals more freedom to live outside of the limitations imposed upon them by their 'home' country.
No longer are individuals limited to the circumstances due to birthplace, but are free to create their 'second opportunity' through the many means afforded to them by more globally minded cosmopolitan countries. Economic citizenship or Citizenship by Investment is one such tool for increasing ones independence.

Individuals seeking offshore protection for their hard earned assets, must also consider the benefits in creating an 'offshore lifestyle', a lifestyle-free from the restrictions of a single country. No longer must one abide by travel restrictions, tax rates, governmental rules when one becomes mobile citizens by getting a second passport.

Many countries offer, such as Vanuatu or Nevis for instance, what can be coined as an 'offshore-citizenship'; which is a citizenship granted to individuals looking to reap all the lifestyle benefits that a second passport offers without having to actually live or reside in the respective country.

Having a second passport gives many benefits for those looking to liberalize their escape options. Whether ones is seeking to run from oppressive or overbearing governmental regimes, to be treated as a first class citizen, or would like to secure their future in a second opportunity, a second passport may be the option for you.

A Second Passport Gives you many Benefits Including:

  • Visa free travel opportunities
  • Greater freedom of movement
  • Protects from governmental control
  • Business benefits
  • Tax benefits
  • Internationalization options

However, there are several things one should consider before deciding to apply for a second passport.

  1. Reputation - How is the country perceived/foreign relations?
  2. Taxes - Does the country offer tax reduction incentives?
  3. Visa free travel - Does the second passport enable greater freedoms for visa-free travel? Access to US, UK, EU?
  4. Restrictions - Does the country allow me to carry more than one passport?

After asking yourself these questions, if you are unsure or have uncertainties and would like a consultation, please contact us.

Having a second option in todays world is not just a luxury, but is a necessity; A plan-B is not just for the few, but for the many.

Differences Between A Passport, Residency and Citizenship

Second Passport

International Travel Document issued by a government for identity and citizenship declaration allowing individuals to travel in countries that have favorable relations with a certain level of protection from unlawful persecution.

While having a second passport is often talked about, what is really meant is having a second citizenship, which a passport exemplifies, as a passport is just a travel document while a citizenship is something which grants one certain rights and protections granted to them by the issuing governmental authority. Having a second passport is allowed by many countries, but it should always be researched whether or not dual nationality is allowed.

There are several ways to get a second passport. While we offer Citizenship by investment programs that offer second passports to individuals who have the economic investment capability, there are several other ways to get a second passport through:

  • (1) Naturalization - after a certain number of years residing within the country
  • (2) Ancestry - tracing ones familial roots and bloodline
  • (3) Social - marriage, having a child, etc...
  • (4) Investment - economic citizenship


Having a second citizenship gives one the advantage of being recognized as a citizen of a second country in which the individual is afforded the same benefits, protections and rights in a second country. Depending on the country benefits include social services, health care, tax free status etc...

Having dual-nationality gives one the options to reside permanently in two jurisdictions together with two passports. 


Residency gives one the benefit of being legally allowed to reside within a given country without the need to apply for a visa or leave after the duration of their visit, as well as being able to access services usually restricted for permanent residents. One can however, have residency status without actually having to physically reside within the country. Residency status also gives the individual the option to later apply for citizenship status through a naturalization process.

Despite ones nationality, there are many ways to transcend this narrow definition by increasingly ones global positioning through many means that are available. To learn more about these possibilities please contact us.

For more information on our 2nd Passport options through Citizenship by Investment: