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St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship-by-Investment Programme

The Citizenship-by-Investment Unit (CIU) is the Government Authority which handles all matters concerning Citizenship-by-Investment in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis. The Citizenship-by-Investment Program was established in 1984, making it the longest established program of this kind in the world. It has distinguished itself from many other similar programs by rigidly enforced investment requirements and meticulous due diligence procedures.

The Government of St. Kitts and Nevis utilizes this program to attract investors of good character to make a substantial contribution to the development of the Federation. These investors are then given the opportunity to apply for citizenship and passport within the strict guidelines of the law and the relevant regulations. To qualify for citizenship of St. Kitts and Nevis under the real-estate option of its Citizenship-by-Investment Program, the Government requires an investment in designated real estate with a value of at least US$350,000. Besides this investment requirement, the following processing and due diligence fees are payable to the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis:

  • US$35,000 for the main applicant
  • US$15,000 for the spouse
  • US$15,000 for any dependent children below the age of 18
  • US$35,000 for any dependent and unmarried children older than 18 but younger than 25.
  • Children over 18 years but below 25 must be in a full time learning institution and fully supported by parents.
  • US$3,500 due diligence fee per person older than 16 included in the application

Additionally to these fees, real-estate buyers should be aware that there are also purchase costs (mainly compulsory insurance fund contribution and conveyance fees) of approximately 4 – 5% of the purchase price. Only villas and condominium units from an approved developer will qualify for citizenship. The following developments are currently approved by the Government:

St. Kitts

  • Calypso Bay Resort
  • Golf View
  • Half Moon Bay Villas
  • Heritage Plantation
  • Horizons Villas
  • Kittitian Hill
  • Leeward Cove
  • Marriott Vacation Club
  • Ocean’s Edge
  • Pirate’s Nest
  • Rawlins Plantation
  • Royal St Kitts Hotel & Casino
  • Sea Lofts
  • Silver Reef
  • St Christopher Club
  • Sundance Ridge
  • Sunrise Hill Resort


  • Botanical Gardens
  • Carino Hamilton Estate
  • Cliffdwellers
  • Fern Hill Villa Development
  • Fort Ashby Beach Club
  • Four Seasons Resort Estates
  • Jones Estates
  • Live Nevis
  • Mount Nevis Hotel
  • Nelson’s Spring
  • Paradise Garden Estate
  • Royal Getaway Estate

An alternative to this real estate investment option is a US$200,000 contribution (includes all government and due diligence fees listed above) to a specified local public charity. This goes up to US$250,000 to include a spouse and up to US$300,000 for a family of up to 5 members.

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