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Panama Tourist Pensioner Visa

Panama Tourist Pensioner Visa Description

This visa is designed for persons whose pension from a Government entity or private corporation is US$1000 or more (US$1600 or more for a couple). It is granted indefinitely and includes benefits such as a one-time exemption of duties for the importation of household goods (up to $10,000) and an exemption every two years of duties for the importation of a car.

The permanent permit, will be issued after 60 days of submitting the documents to the Immigration department. The permanent residence permit, once approved, grants the applicant a Panamanian Identification Card and the right to apply for Panamanian Nationality after 5 years.

Panama Tourist Pensioner Visa Rules

  • All visa applications must be made through a Panamanian lawyer.
  • All documents from overseas must be authenticated, please see below 'Documents required from Home'.
  • There is no age limit or maximum required for applying for any of these visas, save for the minimum legal age of 18 years. Youngsters under 18, will qualify for a visa as dependents of their parents.
  • None of these visas grant work permits.

Panama Tourist Pensioner Visa Documents

Documents Required from Home

  • Document Specifications

    • All documents must be authenticated by a Notary and by the Panamanian Consulate nearest you, or by a Notary and the Apostille. The Apostille (The Hague Convention of 1961) is a faster way of authenticating documents and is normally obtained through the Secretary of State Department in your home state (in the USA) or through the Foreign Office (in UK and Canada).
    • All documents must be fresh (within 2 months of visa application) and passports must have at least 1 year to run.
    • Dependents: If your spouse will be covered by your visa, you need to bring Marriage Certificate. However, original marriage certificates are not acceptable if over 2 months old, you need to request fresh ones. If your children (under 18), are to be covered by your visa, you need to bring fresh Birth Certificates (not the original ones).

  • Documents Required

    • Valid Passport
    • 6 passport-size photos (gentlemen in suit and tie; ladies in blouses or dresses with sleeves)
    • Evidence of Pensioner Status (stating entitlement to a pension of more than US$1000 and an additional US$600 for each dependent). Please note that the government is quite flexible in what constitutes a pension or guaranteed stream of income and so even if your regular source of income is not really a 'pension' or annuity in the strictest definition of these terms it can still be presented in such a way as to guarantee your acceptance into the program.
    • Good Standing certificate, issued by the Registrar of Companies if the pension is granted by a private corporation.
    • Police Record of your place(s) of residence for the past five years.
    • Marriage Certificate (if your spouse is to be included as dependent in your visa).

Documents to be Obtained in Panama

We will assist you with all documentation to be obtained in Panama. There will be a number of documents which must be obtained or issued in Panama, such as:

  • Health Certificate
  • Applications, etc.

If you are interested in relocating to Panama, or obtaining legal residency in Panama, please contact us for a personal consultation.

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