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Crypto Lending: Everything You Need to Know

The influence of the pandemic has prompted a surge in economic uncertainty, causing interruptions in business stability and revenues and even threatening the survival of companies. Not only the small and mid-size enterprises (SME) struggle to meet their fixed expenses and operating budgets afloat but also the extensive and undisputed large corporations.

This explains why there is a progressive increase in demand for loans globally which most banks are inclined to reduce the supply. The COVID-19 crisis contributed significantly to the pricing and structure of loans in the global syndicated loan market. 

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Table of Contents:

What is Lending?

Lending is generally defined as borrowing money and repaying it over time. This may provide funds for various reasons, such as a home mortgage, automobile, or small business loan. The loan terms specify how it must be paid off, its period, and the consequences of missing payments and default. Because this will hurt a little bit due to the interest, this will raise the question of whether borrowers can do anything to reduce the unfavorable effects of the pandemic.  

We identify two strategies. The first is resorting to banks with lower costs or interest rates. And the second strategy is where crypto lending comes in. Not only can it enable wise savers to receive interest on their stock of digital assets, but it enables borrowers to grow the value of their crypto by using it as collateral for a loan. Here is Crypto Lending, how it works, and how to use one.

Introduction of Crypto Lending

Many software testing companies have already embraced cryptocurrency because of its growth and potential. Because of that, one opportunity, crypto lending, came about after cryptocurrency's popularity in the market.

Crypto lending is defined as a type of Decentralized Finance that permits investors to lend their cryptocurrencies to a pool of borrowers. Hence, they will get interest payments in return, also called “crypto dividends.” 

As the popularity of cryptocurrency is becoming more and more established as a payment method, this can be a great investment opportunity, too. It is a great advantage to have LTC as part of a portfolio to sustain and keep the crypto market. It is well-founded and gives investors exposure to its movements without unexpected tragedies. The fact that transactions over the Litecoin network are notably cheap. Some enthusiasts even use it to transfer funds between exchanges and lending platforms. As early as now, have advanced knowledge and familiarize yourself with free Litecoin mining software available online.

And for those fanatics who plan to HODL or hold on for dear life – their assets with no plans to sell, this is the right platform to gauge the exposure of your resources with opportunities to get more value out of their digital currencies.

How Does It Work?

You may use your cryptocurrency as collateral for a loan, depending on how much you need. Besides, many crypto platforms let consumers lend their digital assets in exchange for a significant return, compared with the traditional high-yield savings account.

Crypto lending occurs when a third party links the lenders and borrowers. The lenders represent the first party associated with crypto lending. They might be crypto experts who want to grow the output of the assets or people who hold onto cryptocurrencies waiting for a value boost.

The second part is the crypto lending platform, where the give and take transaction unravels. Lastly, the borrowers are considered as the third party of the process, and they are the ones who will get the financing. They could either be people who look for funding or businesses that need financing.

Here are a few simple steps that should be taken in doing crypto lending:

  1. The borrower goes to a platform and seeks a crypto loan.
  2. The borrower ventures the crypto collateral as soon as the platform approves the loan request. Until they can fund back the entire loan amount, the borrower will not have the opportunity to get around the stakes.
  3. The lenders will automatically fund the loan using the platform, which is a process that investors cannot see.
  4. Investors will get regular interest as payments.
  5. When the borrower pays off the whole loan, he will get back the collateral he wanted.

Steps may vary with every platform, but this is the standard process you might see along the way.

Features of Crypto Loans

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  • Crypto Funding is fast. When you need cash fast, using a crypto-secured loan is one of the best ways to do it. Crypto loans are typically funded on the same business day, sometimes within a few hours. 
  • Relatively Low-Interest Rates- Cryptocurrency lending platforms offer crypto-backed loans with annual percentage rates in the single digits, less than a credit card, and even many unsecured personal loans.
  • Limited on how much you can borrow.- Numerous platforms permit you to borrow up to 50% or go as high as 90%.- of the value of your cryptocurrency.
  • No need for credit check- This is a significant advantage for consumers with poor credit over traditional financing options. There is typically no credit check required when you apply for a crypto-backed loan. 

On the flip side, when you lend your assets to institutional borrowers, many crypto platforms lead you to earn hefty interest on your digital purchases. 

If there is an unforeseen situation, and you need money but do not want to engage with crypto loans, traditional financing options like personal loans and credit cards may be more costly. Still, they also somehow carry a slight risk to your financial security.

In any case, there are always risks and advantages that you need to weigh to set your expectations regarding your tolerability when it comes to investing. Of course, the investment in Crypto Lending is not so liquid compared to the usual way of safekeeping money; then, this is not for you. 

But if you have assets sitting in your wallet and do not plan on selling, Crypto lending is a way to earn some interest. This way, your digital currencies can generate some value in return. Therefore, this is a great time to gain extra money, especially in today’s uncertainties; you need additional funds to cover different expenses or pay debts.


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