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The Tax Benefits of Investing in Real Estate   

tax benefits of real estate.jpeg

People often get dissuaded from investing in real estate because of the high cost involved.

They may think that it is not worth paying so much money for something they are going to be taxed on anyways, but what if I told you there was a loophole?


Setting Up A Bank Account No Creditor Can Touch

banks creditors cant touch

If you want to open a bank account that your creditors cannot touch, there are a few options to explore. While there is no guarantee that creditors will not seize your assets once it is discovered it is still possible to protect your assets through a number of ways.

The key here is creating a structure before you become involved in any legal situation as it is much easier to protect assets before a lawsuit is brought forward.


How to Protect Assets After a Lawsuit is Filed?

how to protect assets

There are numerous unpredictable risks to your personal assets. Most concerning are those associated with unexpected lawsuits (liability suits, divorce, creditor claims etc.). Having a solid asset protection plan in place can be a lifesaver when these unfortunate situations arise which threaten your valuable wealth. The best way to ensure your assets are well protected is to be prepared with a comprehensive asset protection plan well in advance. However, the reality is that many do not make the necessary preparations, and are left with their assets fully exposed in the midst of a lawsuit. 


How to Renounce Your US Citizenship?

renounce us citizenship.jpeg

A rapidly increasing number of Americans have been renouncing their US citizenship over the last decade, reaching an all-time record of 6,705 in 2020. This trend has been accelerated by the stringent tax regulations which have been opposed upon US citizens in recent years, complications related to information sharing like FATCA, and various other complex factors.

Those considering following suite should be warned that it is not an easy process. There are complexities and costs involved in renouncing your US citizenship, and it can create additional tax burdens in the beginning.


5 Best Forex Brokers with No ESMA

best ESMI brokerage

Since the inception of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) regulations in 2018, the European watchdog has put out new regulations that have limited the use of various financial instruments in an effort to restrict what might be seen as excess in the trading market. Some of the restrictions were: a ban on binary options, places a 50% margin stop out, and putting a ceiling on leverage for retail traders at 1:30.

While this was done with the right intention, to try and protect traders from going all in and overexposing themselves there has, as a result, been a movement away from Brokers that have EMSA oversight, as there are fewer possibilities to make windfall profits.


How to Start a Business Abroad: Tips & Advice  

How To Start A Business Abroad

Do you want to start your own business abroad, but don't know where to begin? In this article, we will provide some tips and advice for people who are looking into starting a business overseas. We have included information about how to get started, what it takes, and some things to look out for.

Going global is not just a passing trend; with the corporate tax rate at 21 percent in the US, going abroad is likely here to stay. It's no wonder why so many companies have backpacked their bags and are moving abroad.


Strategies on How to Hide Assets Legally from Litigation, Lawsuits & Lawyers

hiding assets

There are many reasons why you should hide your assets. High net worth individuals are not the only ones that might feel under constant threat of having their hard-earned wealth seized by the wrong hands. There are a variety of genuine threats to your money, including unexpected lawsuits, creditor claims, sour divorces, and exorbitant taxes, to name just a few.

In this article we will explore some of the more popular and effective ways to legally hide your money and assets from the wrong hands so that you can sleep well at night.


Offshore Company for Cryptocurrency Trading and Holding Bitcoin

overseas crypto structures

Technology has made it possible so that anyone with a bank account and internet connection can get access to any market with a few clicks whether its buying stocks, investing in precious metals, or trading in cryptocurrency.

These same advantages allow people who live and work in one country to conduct business in another instantaneously. This global movement of goods and capital gives individuals the opportunity to make the most of local laws in foreign jurisdictions.


Tax-Free Offshore Company for Import-Export Business & International Trading

export and import ofshore

International import and export trading companies usually involve themselves with buying goods cheaply in one country and selling them at a profit in a more economically developed nation. Due to the cross-border nature of the activities, an offshore structure is well suited.

Trading companies generate their profits in the country in which their goods are sold, which means they can benefit from tax breaks and exemptions if they establish themselves in a tax-neutral offshore jurisdiction (either one with zero taxation or territorial tax system).


Can I Set up a Limited Company on My Own in the UK? 

uk plc setup as a single person.jpeg

There are a number of different corporate vehicles that you can form in the UK. When deciding on setting up a listed company, the two types of listed companies that you can choose from to start in the UK are Private or Publicly Listed Company (PLC).


How to Start a Business in a Foreign Country

start a business in a foriegn country

In this age of increasing globalisation and remote connection, more entrepreneurs are taking advantage of the opportunities which exist on foreign soil and the advantages that come when starting an overseas business.

Starting a business in a foreign country can come with additional challenges and obstacles, but it can also be extremely rewarding when you are able to make exploit the advantages of local conditions in parts of the world that are favorable to different types of industries. Different countries have different strengths, market conditions and industries that are unique. If you are looking to into forming a project abroad we have outlined a few key factors to look into and the steps you can take if you decide to form an overseas business.


How To Use An Offshore Trading Company For Forex, Commodities & Stock Trading

Offshore Forex Trading Account euro bills

Offshore companies are highly versatile and advantageous financial vehicles, which can be used for many different purposes.

Online trading involves the buying and selling of stocks, forex, precious metals, commodities, and other financial derivatives. Each trader needs a broker in the jurisdiction and market where they want to execute their trades, along with a trading account.

There are two reasons experienced traders often use offshore companies to protect their forex trading accounts.


Offshore Bitcoin Wallet For Holding Crypto: The Best Security and Privacy You Can Find

bitcoin wallet.jpeg

Bitcoin is back into the public mind as its continual resurgence has led to an increasing interest in not just individual but corporate buyers. However, technical vulnerabilities continue to be exploited, scams are appearing all over the place, individuals holding large quantities are being targeted, and hackers are preying on those with inadequate crypto security.

For the most part, due to the decentralised nature of cryptocurrencies, there is an every-man-for-themselves attitude when it comes to crypto security. Due to the lack of a centralised entity, we are our own banks; this means no-one other than ourselves can guarantee our holdings. If something goes wrong outside of a well-established exchange it’s unlikely you’ll see those funds again.


How to Start a Non-Profit Organisation

non profit NGO

If you are looking to form a non-profit, they can benefit from a number of advantages and have a wide range of uses that go beyond the narrow definition and what are traditionally referred to as a not for profit organisation.

Additionally when incorporating in an offshore jurisdiction nonprofits have the added benefits such as higher asset protection, confidentiality and added tax leveraging.


Anonymous Offshore Bank Accounts


The modern world is seeing a rapid shift in the meaning of privacy. As technology advances and world superpowers extend their surveillance systems across the globe, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain true anonymity. Offshore bank accounts are not exempt from this trend.

Recent decades have seen developments such as relaxed privacy policies in Switzerland and increasingly broad surveillance by the U.S. However, knowing some more about the limitations of privacy in offshore banking can help you make sure you keep your assets protected.


How to use an Offshore Company & Pick A Business Structure for Amazon FBA

amazon fba online business

Setting up a business overseas especially if you are running an online business can give you many benefits that likely to outweigh any local domestic formation structures. The rise of online e-commerce and the digital marketplace has created a surge of businesses looking for alternative solutions for incorporating.

If you are reading this article, then chances are you already know what an Amazon FBA seller is, and why you would want to consider selling on Amazon FBA with your new or existing business.


Tax-Free Offshore Company for Freelancers & Solopreneurs

offshore company for freelancers.jpeg

Today’s modern economy and technological era has shifted the way we live and work. An increasing number of people are taking up a ‘freelance’ lifestyle, working remotely and becoming less bound by physical location. Those who have embraced this new way of living get to carve out their lifestyle in a way that was not really possible a few decades ago. The freedom to travel, work on the beach, and make your own hours is a lifestyle that a new generation of entrepreneurs are gunning for and we are here to help make that happen.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of using a tax-free offshore company for freelancers as a way to structure their business activities, the best options available, and some final considerations to really ensure the greatest tax reduction possible for their unique situation. 


How to Handle US Criminal Charges When Overseas

us criminal charges abroad

The US Constitution has jurisdiction over crimes committed in locations outside the country. Under specific circumstances, US courts can prosecute certain criminal acts even if the accused are not American citizens.

Several federal statutes have extraterritorial applications and can affect foreign citizens in overseas locations. If the US Constitution specifically states that a law applies to actions outside US territory, defendants can be prosecuted. Here are some of the situations that US jurisdiction covers.


Retiring in Panama – Still One of the Best Places to Live In Retirement

Protect Your Financial Freedom in Panama


Recent changes on the world scene, from political to economic, have altered how we view virtually everything, from what to invest in to where we choose to live. Most of these changes, admittedly, have been negative. However, there is one place that has come out of the recent flux and uncertainty even better than before. We’re talking, of course, about the tried and true haven for the global individual, and still one of the best places to retire – Panama.

Panama has certainly always been present among the thoughts of many retirees, primarily for their low cost of living. Recent changes among the rest of the world, as well as some exciting developments in Panama itself have conspired to make it the ideal destination for any who value their financial freedom.


Best Countries to Incorporate An Online Business: A Guide

online incorporation

If you are thinking of setting up an online business establishing a company in a country overseas can be more advantageous than incorporating domestically.

While not every company stands to benefits from incorporating offshore, those that do are primarily online businesses that do not have a local or physical presence. In this article we will explain why overseas incorporations benefit from being operated overseas, and how to go about using an offshore company for your online business.


Best Countries to Move To & Retire That Have the Highest Quality of Life

best places to live 1.jpg

What makes a country the best place to live? Is it 365 days of sunshine a year? Or is it being able to go out to cheap restaurants and being able to drink all the red wine you can have for a couple of dollars? While we may all have different preferences of what makes a place the best to live for us there is a liveability factor in a place brings that makes it undeniably easy and pleasant to live especially for people looking to move abroad and settle in a new country.

Here is a list of the places we found to be the best places to live when looking for the best quality of life.


Asset Protection Services: Tools to Thwart Lawsuits, Creditors & Divorce

asset protection planning

Asset protection planning is a vital aspect of your personal wealth management strategy. Creating the protection plan to safeguard your wealth involves careful consideration of your circumstances and the tools which are available to you.

In this article, we will look at what asset protection planning is, why you need it, and the different tools which can be utilised.


How Do Tax Havens Work & Why Do They Exist?

...and why you might think otherwise


With banks failing, governments coercing and economies collapsing, establishing yourself offshore is more important than ever. Despite the attention grabbing headlines showing solemn face bankers being slapped with heavy fines by the IRS for tax evasion, the offshore industry couldn’t be doing better.

The very reason why the IRS, FATCA and the US government regulators are becoming increasingly tight on foreign banks, offshore accounts and international transactions, is because the offshore industry is growing at such an alarmingly rate due to the current international political and economic uncertainties, that they felt compelled to intervene in hopes that some of the deferred tax revenue might cover their increasingly large deficit.


A History of Tax Havens

Offshore Tax Haven History

Skyscrapers-in-Dubai-Marina-shutterstock 178168433

The concept of tax havens has been around ever since countries decided to finance their governments by taxing their citizens.

Many countries compete by keeping taxes low and thus attracting business from high tax countries. Sometimes a country will designate a region or city a low tax or tax free zone, either to stimulate its economy or to buy the loyalty of its citizens.

Ancient Rome was a master in using tax-free areas, a sort of early enterprise zones. The first recorded instance took place in the 2nd Century BC when Rome decided to undercut the then independent Greek island state of Rhodes by establishing a tax-free port on the island of Delos. Even though Rhodes only charged a 2% on trade, it quickly lost trade to the new tax-free port and its era as a commercial power was effectively ended.


How to Transfer Money to Your Offshore Bank Account

transfer money offshore

There are a variety of reasons for which people and businesses would want to open offshore accounts with overseas banks. Some of these reasons include ease of use when traveling abroad, taking advantage of higher interest rates, or simply diversifying your assets to protect yourself from governmental bankruptcy.

Businesses also use offshore bank accounts if they have a global customer base and use an offshore merchant account or if they have formed outside of the USA and keep one in their local jurisdiction.


What are the Best Places for Expats to Live Overseas?

Best Countries for American Expats

Americans are known for keeping to their own part of the world and not exploring other countries as of 2019 only 42% actually own a passport.

If you are looking to take advantage of living in different country and all the lifestyle advantages that comes with it then now is the time. It is becoming easier and easier to live abroad these days. With online info, articles, maps, reviews, and courses it really has never been easier. More countries than ever are making it easier to get citizenship. Work and job opportunities are increasingly moving online and becoming virtual workplaces. Starting a business online has never been easier and with it comes the freedom to live wherever you want. Here are some of the best places we have found to live abroad.


The Worlds Most Crypto-Friendly Countries and their Importance in Investment Migration

crypto countries investment

If you’re a business owner who plans to move to another country and acquire residency through investments, you might want to try your hand at cryptocurrencies. These digital assets are among the innovations today that gain mainstream adoption for competitive businesses.

But what are cryptocurrencies? Why is it important for an immigrant investor like you to find a crypto-friendly country if you plan to buy Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), and other cryptocurrencies and utilize them for business to migrate permanently?


Benefits of an International Business Company

Incorporate an IBC

Incorporating an International Business Company (IBC) can be a great way to eliminate your taxes, protect your assets, and internationalize your portfolio.

In this article we will explore what exactly an International Business Company (IBC) is, its various uses and benefits, how to go about forming an IBC, and the best places to do so.


Best Business Structure For Online Business - Shopify, Dropship, Ebay

Business Structure for your Online Company

Are you looking to find the best business structure for your business? Each type of entity has a different form that comes with different regulations and is best suited only for certain businesses. The question then is: what structure is best for me?

There are many different types of business structures to choose from that each will have its own unique blend of liability, tax reduction, privacy, that will reflect the country it is in and the local corporate laws that govern the structure.


Offshore Tax Free Company for Digital Nomads & Perpetual Travelers

digital nomad copy.jpg

Business-savvy digital nomads and perpetual travellers are seeing the advantages of incorporating an offshore company in a foreign country. These individuals have a unique set of circumstances which allow for greater freedom of movement and an enhanced ability to establish a company in the jurisdiction of their choosing.

In this article, we explore the reasons why digital nomads should consider conducting their online business through the medium of an offshore company. We will also discuss the practical steps of how to reduce taxes with an offshore company and the factors to consider when deciding where to incorporate an offshore company.

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