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Offshore Merchant Account

An Offshore Merchant Account is a viable solution for those non-resident internet based companies that deal in global business transactions. To capitalize on all the opportunities afforded a company by its globalized positioning, such as tax reduction strategies, offshore banking and accounts a company should seek to due business in an financial environment that supports its growth. A jurisdiction therefore should have a low-regulatory environment, yet one that protects privacy and ensures confidentiality.

An International Offshore Merchant Account allows for International Credit Card Processing for corporate entities that have a non-resident status. Merchant Accounts  allows a business to accept credit card payments through a non-local banking institution in a jurisdiction outside ones primary country of operation. 

An Offshore International Merchant Account is for an individual or corporate entity that:

  • Conducts a majority of business internationally across many countries, or
  • Has a majority of ones transactions online, or
  • Has several physical offices in various countries, or
  • Deals in high-risk activities such as online furniture, biotech, brokers etc...

An International Merchant Account is most appropriately paired with an Offshore Company and Offshore Bank Account, for a fluid transaction process and greater asset protection. Using a Merchant Account with an IBC creates a great platform for an international business that gives benefits including:

  • Lower taxes burden than a domestic merchant account
  • No capital gains taxes if institution is offshore
  • Accounts can be established in nearly any currency
  • High transaction volumes permitted
  • Transactions are confidential
  • Online management
  • Location of actual business dealings is a non issue

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