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Cook Islands (LLC) Limited Liability Company

Cook Islands LLC Registration

A Cook Islands Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a flexible offshore company model that gives a broad foundation, allowing the company to form its structure according to its own rules, rather than through a rigid mandate.

As the demand for flexible offshore company structures became apparent within the offshore market, the Cook Islands International Limited Liability Companies Act 2008 was passed, echoing the continuing growth of the Cook Islands offshore sector. The passing of this piece of legislation makes the Cook Islands one of the most strategic jurisdictions to form a Limited Liability Company.

An LLC is a blend of both partnership and corporate structures by providing a layer of limited liability, protecting owners from the debts incurred by the LLC. A Cook Islands LLC offers further protection from the strong arm of foreign governments and creditors, by separating the rights of its members and that of the LLC. A Cook Islands LLC coupled with a Cook Islands International Trust is the strongest, single-jurisdiction offshore asset protection product currently available.

The Cook Islands continue to grow as an offshore financial destination, while at the same time frequently amending their offshore protection laws, ensuring the security of investors. A Cook Islands LLC has a number of Advantages enjoys structural flexibility, complete confidentiality, as well as minimal reporting and regulating procedures. It is no wonder why today the Cook Islands is the most exciting place in the world to establish an offshore presence.

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Table of Contents:

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Advantages of a Cook Islands LLC

A Cook Islands LLC has a number of advantages that individuals and investors may benefit from, including but not limited to:

  • Annual filing of accounts are not required
  • Shareholders and Directors is known only by the trustee company
  • Foreign creditors are limited in their capacity
  • Foreign court orders are not recognized by the Cook Islands
  • Members and Managers cannot be held liable for the debts of the LLC
  • Flexibility of LLC structure as defined by the LLC rather than a restricting legislative mandate
  • The LLC can be managed by the members or by managers independent of the members
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Less administrative processes than most corporations
  • Asset protection benefits are not found anywhere else in the world
  • Anonymity
  • Flexibility
  • Single Member LLCs are permitted
  • No requirement for local presence
  • Transfer of existing LLCs to the Cook Islands is possible
  • Supportive and strong asset protection and privacy legislation

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Enhanced Privacy Law

No public LLC Registry—information may only be obtained from the Company itself


No requirement to prepare annual accounts, appoint auditor or disclose any information to any Cook Islands authority. The only information that is given is through an annual return with the Registrar, giving the name of the LLC and address of the Registered Agent.

Enhanced Creditor Protection

A creditor cannot issue a charging order or interfere with the operations of the company nor seize, liquidate or force the dissolution of the company, however a Cook Islands LLC is not a substitute for an International Trust—the Cook Islands flagship asset protection product. 


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Top Uses of a Limited Company

The operating agreement of a Cook Islands LLC may contain provisions for the conduct of any type of business as long as it is lawful. This includes but is not limited to businesses dealing in:

1. Real estate
2. Estate planning
3. Tax structuring flexibility
4. Confidentiality of assets
5. Asset protection*

* Used in conjunction with a Cook Islands International Trust, provides the most secure form of asset protection available.

Key Corporate Features

Cook Islands LLC Corporate Details
Type of Entity Limited Liability
Type of Law English Common Law
Governed by Limited Liability Companies Act 2008
Registered Office in Cook Islands No (but must have a registered local agent)
Our time to establish a new company 3 days
Minimum government fees (excluding taxation) USD $200
Corporate Taxation No
Access to Double Taxation Treaties No
Minimum number One
Local required No
Publicly accessible records No
Location of meetings Anywhere
Corporate directorship allowed Yes
Minimum number One
Publicly accessible records No
Corporate shareholder allowed Yes
Location of meetings Anywhere
Company Secretary  
Required No
Local or qualified No
Requirements to prepare No
Audit requirements No
Requirements to file accounts No
Publicly accessible accounts No
Recurring Government Costs  
Minimum Annual Tax USD $200
Annual Return Filing Fee USD $200
Requirement to file annual return Yes
Migration of domicile permitted Yes

Packages Includes

  1. Government Registration Fee (First year)
  2. Registered Office Address (First year)
  3. Registered Agent Services (First year)
  4. Company Secretarial Maintenance
  5. Certificate of Organisation
  6. Articles of Organisation
  7. Minutes of First Organisers Meeting
  8. Ownership Certificates
  9. Register of Members
  10. FREE Phone and/or email consultations

Document Requirements  

The requirements to register a Cook Island LLC are straightforward. A registered agent, acting through a Cook Islands trustee company will submit the necessary documents needed to the Registrar, including:

  • Name of the LLC
  • Registered address of the LLC
  • Name and address of the registered agent



A Cook Islands LLC enjoys many tax breaks and incentives including but not limited too:

  • No corporate tax
  • No income tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • No sales tax
  • No tax on issuance of corporate shares
  • No tax to shareholders
  • No property tax
  • No estate tax
  • No gift tax
  • No stamp tax 


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Limited Liability Company Corporate Details

Official Language

The official language is English although Cook Islands Maori is spoken amongst the local population.

Type of Law

English Common Law

Principal Corporate Legislation

Limited Liability Companies Act 2008

Registered Office

No. But must have a locally registered agent

Minimum Government Fees

USD $200

Publicly Accessible Records



There are no requirements to prepare, audit, or file accounts


Any International Company incorporated in the Cook Islands is exempt from all local taxation.

Managers and Members

Single member LLCs are permitted

Double Tax Treaties

There are no Double Tax Treaties agreements although the Cook Islands have signed sixteen different Tax Information Exchange Agreements with other countries. However, this provision is only related to criminal matters as the Cook Island authorities never respond to foreign court orders or tax information-related requests.

Legislation and Limited Liability

The Limited Liabilities Companies Act 2008 recognizes that the member/manager and the LLC are separate legal entities. Consequently, an action against a member is not sufficient for any injunctions to be used against the LLC.

Protective Provisions

  • Two year statute of limitations on fraudulent transfers

  • Complete bar on claims against a trust that is funded while the settlor is solvent

  • There must be a substantial burden of proof that is beyond a reasonable doubt

  • Non-recognition of foreign judgments

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***Please Note: If you are a resident of a country that is a signatory of the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) (or a US citizen) your tax reduction possibilities are limited. Due FATCA, CRS, and CFC laws you may not be able to completely eliminate your taxes without moving your residence. While opening an offshore company can increase privacy and asset protection, your tax obligations remans tied to your ownership of overseas entities. Offshore company's are often not taxed in the country where they are incorporated, rather you as the owner are obligated to pay taxes in the country where you reside. Please make sure you know your tax obligations, as we are not tax advisors. Please seek a local tax professional for help regarding your situation. 

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