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Offshore Business Solutions

Offshore E-Commerce Solutions

Offshore E-commerce solutions is for a company that buys, trades, or receives goods and transactions worldwide looking to take advantage of its non-localized structure for a globally minded alternative business structures. Companies that do business in many countries primarily online and are looking to get the most out of whats available in the international company marketplace should look at an e-commerce paired with an offshore IBC company. Creating an offshore e-commerce structure is easy, reliable, and inexpensive. It gives many opportunities such as lower taxes, mobile domicile, non-localized business opportunities, and an offshore merchant accounts system. For more information go to Offshore E-commerce Solutions.

Offshore Fiduciary Structure

An Offshore Fiduciary Structure is a combination offshore structure that pairs an International Business Company (IBC) together with a Foundation and our Professional Management Services. This type of global vehicle creates a resilient offshore structure that can be tailored to suit your personal needs giving a high level of freedom, privacy and security. See more at Offshore Fiduciary Structure.

Offshore Shelf Corporation

An offshore shelf corporation is a ready made corporation. This quick offshore alternative gives an individual a company that has been kept in good standing since its formation, has never started its business operations and is immediately ready to be used. There are a number of reasons why you might need a shelf corporation. See Offshore Shelf Corporation to find out more.

Third-Party Nominee Services

Third-Party Nominee Services offer nominee director and shareholder possibilities giving the beneficial owner an added layer of privacy and confidentiality that keeps the offshore structure a secure and private. Nominee services are for those persons who would like to remain anonymous and protected from would be creditors. Owners retain direct control of the structure yet remain legally off the paper, as the nominee Director will be given powers, granted by the owner to sign on his/her behalf. For more information please see Third-Party Nominee Services.

Offshore Solutions From Offshore Protection 

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