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    New Employment Law Updates For Alabama

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New Employment Law Updates For Alabama In 2021: Explained


While the post-pandemic employment recovery has been a bit slow, things have been changing for the better in the past few months. Not all workers have been hesitant to go back to work due to fears of the coronavirus’ spread, and things in Alabama, in particular, have been shaping up.

It’s also a great time for many to enter the force as typically low-wage jobs at major corporations have been offering better hourly pay and benefits in order to lure workers back to their forte. As 2021 winds down, it may be helpful to look at new employment law updates as things evolve for workers.


Table of Contents:

Vaccine Mandates

One of the hottest issues in the past year has been whether or not employers can impose vaccine mandates on employees as people start going back to work. Even people who are pro-vaccines and have themselves been vaccinated have mixed feelings about this one.

The states have been duking it out in court, and sometimes different districts within a particular state will have varying rules. However, this issue has more or less been settled in the state. The Alabama Legislature actually passed a law that restricts the ability of Alabama businesses to impose vaccine mandates on their employees. 

Background Checks

Depending upon the scenario, background checks are usually mandated by the employer and are a natural part of the hiring process. However, a new law has been passed that absolutely mandates that Alabama background checks for employment are essential. This may seem restrictive, but it is a tried and true method of vetting job candidates that empowers the employer to make better decisions during the hiring process.

Lots of job candidates have the unfortunate habit of embellishing their resumes or glossing over the truth regarding a past conviction. If your desired job applicant claims to have the experiences and qualifications you need to get the job done, but there’s no way to prove that they’ve actually done it, then this might be a problem.

It would be a terrible thing to hire the person, only to find out that they did something lots of applicants normally do: exaggerate. Background checks are an excellent way of allowing employers to verify that all the claims the applicants have made on their resumes are true. 

Workers’ Compensation

Employees who receive workers’ compensation should be notified by their employer of their FMLA rights. This acronym is short for the Family and Medical Leave Act and is federally mandated compensation for qualifying employees dealing with specific life-changing events.

Most employers will purchase workers’ compensation insurance to help provide payment and benefits for employees who have been injured on the job. Usually, the insurance carrier will handle aspects of the claim. However, according to the law, employers need to tell employees that some of these benefits overlap with those provided by the FMLA, so it is important for everyone to be on the same page. 

Employment laws change frequently on the state level, and they have been modified considerably in response to the pandemic. It may be hard to remain up to speed at times, but it’s important to check Alabama’s Department of Labor page when you can for the latest updates.

Written by: Iprospectcheck a background checking company


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