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  • Offshore Accounts and Asset Diversification

Why Go Offshore?

Be prepared with a Plan B

Diversify Diversity in financial investing is a well known rule of thumb, what isn’t commonly known is how offshore structures assist this process.

While most people recognize the downside of putting all your eggs in one basket, whether that is in any one commodity, checking account, or stock; what many are not aware of, is how proper asset diversification should includes different banking systems, currencies, and geographical locations.

Diversification not only provides peace-of-mind during periods of political or economic volatility, but protects oneself in the case against fraudulent claims, lessens ones exposure to risk, and provides maximum leverage in todays violative markets.

Offshore greatly enables the individual, opening up a world of different markets across various platforms that offers a reliable Plan B.

Offshore Banks Accounts

Offshore bank accounts have many associated benefits as it gives individuals an added layer of security as offshore accounts are located outside the jurisdiction of ones primary country of residency.

This gives an added level of protection, enables a fallback option in case of bank failure, as was seen in many countries, or outright robbery as was seen in Greece and Poland where banks and the government flat out just took people's money.

When you bank only in your home country you are more susceptible to your government and its isolated economic market. Having bank accounts offshore prevents this.

An offshore bank account gives you access to global markets enabling offshore investment opportunities without restraint.

It also provides asset protection in the case of any legal prosecution from ones government, spouse, or creditors.

A recent study that ranked the banking systems in each country found that the US and the UK were ranked 40th and 44th respectively. That would make anyone nervous.

Similarly, currency diversification helps secure ones wealth, especially if one resides in a volatile country, where market swings fluctuate dramatically.

While many western banks have reserves of less than one percent many secure offshore banks carry serves upwards of twenty too thirty percent.

Along with holding hard assets, like gold and silver, holding several currency denominations is a good way to protect yourself from the manipulation of the federal government and central bankers.


Offshore Incorporation Structures

Creating a global offshore structure with accounts and companies outside of one's primary residency ensures asset protection and security.

A properly managed offshore structure gives you leverage over your portfolio where you can access global markets, take advantage of higher bank interest yields as well as save taxes by positioning yourself in a way to maximize the opportunity global markets afford.

Spreading assets across different classes such as real-estate, bonds, and stocks in both local and international jurisdictions helps to maximize potential earnings; by being able to invest in exciting world markets, while at the same time minimizes tax receipts, and limits one's exposure to risk.

Similarly, creating a properly managed offshore company provides security in the case of a future legal case, divorce, or even being targeted by one's own government. Sometimes things go wrong. Assets can be seized, bank accounts can be frozen, and one's investment portfolio can be held. Offshore accounts help to prevent this from happening.


Location Independent

Being able to obtain a second passport, residency or citizenship has become a popular option for those seeking a safe plan B.

This is being pursued not by just celebrities and the well connected but by ordinary people looking to secure their future.

Many worry about the current political and economic environment, governmental financial debt, unpredictable economic markets, or political upheaval all of which can make anyone feel uneasy.

The availability of a second passport through citizenship by investment program like Nevis, might just be the answer.

A second passport or citizenship gives you the added flexibility of being welcomed in another country should you need it.

This should not be an afforded luxury but a necessity.

Having a second passport also opens a range of travel options, makes you free from your beholden government and county of birth, frees you from your country foreign policy entailments, offers possible tax-free possibilities and greatly enhances your international possibilities.

Going offshore ensures you are not tied to a single country, a single currency, dependent upon a single local bank, nor a single market.

If you are looking to diversify your investments, protect your assets and ensure your future an offshore future is waiting for you.

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