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Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Programe

How to get a Vanuatu 2nd Passport and Citizenship Opportunities

Vanuatu offers a Citizenship by Investment opportunity under a special Development Support Program (DSP) giving individuals and their families full Vanuatu citizenship for those with assets of more than USD 250,000. The process is straightforward and can by completed in under two months as it takes a week for Government KYC process and 40 days to get FIU clearance.

Vanuatu offers a wealth of financial and investment opportunities to non-resident individuals looking to capitalize on what the island has to offer.

Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program Program Benefits:

  • Competitively priced compared to other citizenship programs around the world
  • Fast Citizenship by Investment Program 
  • Full Citizenship and passport for life
  • Many opportunities in real estate investments, and business opportunities
  • Tax free country
  • Passport is ranked 37 in the world
  • Visa free travel in 129 countries
  • No residency requirements

Documents required for Vanuatu Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) clearance:

  1. Notarised Passport copy
  2. Candidate’s CV
  3. All adult candidates Police clearances

The FIU has a special clearance process, if there are any other requirements needed for the successful completion on the initial clearance we will be informed by the agent.

Documentation required for Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment application:

  1. Nomination form (For main applicant, spouse, children, parents)
  2. Notarised existing passport color scan: (passport cover + 1st 3 pages of the passport + last 3 pages of the passport = 7 pages in total), (For main applicant, spouse, children, parents)
  3. Certified ID card color scan, front and back , photocopied on 1 page, English translated when necessary (For main applicant, spouse, children, parents)
  4. Certified Birth Certificates of all applicants
  5. Certified Marriage certificate, English translated when necessary
  6. Notarised Police Clearance of applicants and dependants aged 18 and above
  7. Medical certificate of applicants 18 and above
  8. Employment letter / proof 
  9. Most recent education proof of dependant children
  10. 1Asset proof of no less than US$250,000 with 6 months bank statement
  11. 1All applicants' CV
  12. 6 passport photos (40mm x 50mm) (For main applicant, spouse, children, parents)

Note: (i) Translated documents also need to be notarized.

Application Process:

  1. Provision of application documents, application forms and an initial deposit of 25% of the application fee plus due diligence fee
  2. Citizenship Commission and FIU to conduct KYC upon receipt of documents, forms and deposit
  3. Citizenship Commission to grant FIU Clearance to applicant
  4. Applicant needs to pay the remaining 75% of the application fee + Certificate Fee + Passport Printing Fee within 14 working days after the FIU Clearance
  5. Applicant to be granted Citizenship Documents upon successful application.
  6. Applicant to take Oath of Allegiance either in Hong Kong or Vanuatu 

Please Note:

In the event Clearance is not granted due to KYC failure, client is eligible for a full refund with the exception of Vanuatu Government's due diligence fee of US$2,000.
In the event the applicant decides to withdraw application on his or her accord, the initial deposit and VG fees will be forfeited.
The applicant will bear the sole responsibility in the event the application is delayed or rejected by the Vanuatu Government due to the following,
a. Falsified and/or untrue documents or b. Delayed submission of payments