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dual citizenship and second passports


Why Go Offshore?

Be prepared with a Plan B

Diversify Diversity in financial investing is a well known rule of thumb, what isn’t commonly known is how offshore structures assist this process.

While most people recognize the downside of putting all your eggs in one basket, whether that is in any one commodity, checking account, or stock; what many are not aware of, is how proper asset diversification should includes different banking systems, currencies, and geographical locations.

Diversification not only provides peace-of-mind during periods of political or economic volatility, but protects oneself in the case against fraudulent claims, lessens ones exposure to risk, and provides maximum leverage in todays violative markets.

Offshore greatly enables the individual, opening up a world of different markets across various platforms that offers a reliable Plan B.

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Dual Citizenship Simplified

How to get second passports, citizenship by investment and other multiple-citizenship solutions that don't break the bank.

dual citizenship second passportTrying to figure out how to legally obtain a second citizenship and passport? 

If you’re lucky enough to have ancestors from places like Poland, Italy or Ireland, then obtaining a second passport is very straightforward—that is, assuming you can document your family ancestry.

However, for most people who aren’t part of this fortunate bloodline club, obtaining dual citizenship or a second passport requires one of three things...

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