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Australia Trademark Registration

TradeMark Overview

australia trademark registration

If you are looking to establish a Trademark in Australia there are a few things you should know before getting started.

Important highlights about the Australian registration process:

  • Full application takes approximately 8 months
  • Important to have a mark that makes goods or services distinguishable
  • Must renew every 10 years
  • Must use trademark within 3 years
  • Multi-class trademark is easier to process

Your trademark is reviewed on both absolute and relative grounds, can be refused if there is a similar trademark already registered or if its descriptive. In Australia there are no need for a specimens of use or dates of use. Because there are not any 'intent to use' requirements for an Australian trademark, it is much easier to apply for a multi-class trademark.

Usually a trademark is refused if the Australian Trademark authority believes:

  • The trademark conflicts with another pre-registered trademark
  • The trademark is similar to that of another
  • The trademark is offensive
  • The trademark fails to distinguish your goods and services

There are two different types of applications processes available: Standard and Head start application services. A Head start application is similar to a Fast track service, giving the application a quicker registration period and the ability to speak with the examiner of the trademark should there be a need to address any issues in regards to your application which gives the application a thorough assessment prior to filling.

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